The expression “countryside tour” is used to mean a tour made by individual or group travelers, accompanied by a tourist guide, to an area consisting of open spaces characterized by villages scattered among green fields, gardens, plantations, fruit farms or dense forests.

The tourist guide accompanying a countryside tour must remember that many visitors come from towns and cities and have had little previous contact with rural areas. Many will not have visited a tropical country before. Therefore the commentary must accurately describe the plants and the trees, especially the ones used as traditional food or for constructions; also the animals and the way of life of the people of the area .The tour will then be memorable, informative and enjoyable.

Subject of Commentary in presenting a Country Tour

The tourist guide, in presenting a country area, should follow a logical plan. First of all, he should study the basic units of the rural area.

These are:

Names: Names of area, village, mountains, etc.

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