We, the Global Travel Business & Education Centre, are offering dreams. When you understand your dream and  are buying dreams, you don’t consider cost because dreams are priceless. We are looking for people who have dreams, then help them focus and plot a pathway to their dream which begins with our course.

Our course involves helping people to find their ultimate dream or goal. This may be to become an expert or employed in a particular discipline or industry; or it may be to simply have the experience of learning.

When people first contact us, they may think their end goal is to possess a qualification; but as a  good course counsellor we explore beyond that and help them see why they want that qualification. There is almost always an underlying dream, far deeper than the qualification. That dream may be to do with understanding things, being more capable of doing things, having greater security and control over their working life, or something else.

Our courses are focused on helping you learn as opposed to others that focus on assessing you and providing some formal endorsement. At the end of the day, assessment and endorsement means you have met minimum standards; but in doing so, the focus on learning is split between learning and qualifications.

We don’t split focus. Our effort is almost entirely on helping you learn: which means learning is better; and ultimately the person who learns better is more successful than the one who might be endorsed as meeting minimum standards, but has learned less.



Often the problem with online study is that you feel you are on your own, and have limited access to resources, to ask questions and obtain assignment feedback.

We provide the highest level of support possible. Students / participants can:

  • Email questions and quickly receive an email or phone call back.
  • Access additional notes whenever needed from an educational database
  • Use the online bookshop to get a wide range of text books and reference books in  ebook format.
  • A unique ‘students only’ website that includes a resource library, student manual, and more


  • We’re always learning new things, from conferences, magazines and journals, internet searches, colleagues and of course student’s assignments.
  • We  are continually researching  new books, magazine articles and video scripts.
  • This gathered information is used to update course notes.
  • We offer you more up to date information than you are likely to get from many other schools.
  • We encourage feedback from students through newsletter surveys, and contact with our tutors.


Selamat datang di Global Travel Business & Education Center [GTBEC] dan Bimbingan Belajar Bisnis Wisata.

Drs. Noersal Samad, MA (UI), sebagai pembimbing dan pengelola kursus ini, mulai menekuni bisnis wisata pada bulan Pebruari, 1964.

Tangga kekaryaannya (travel career) dimulai sebagai Pramuwisata & Pengatur Wisata (tourist guide & leader) selama lebih kurang 5 tahun.

Di samping itu, sebagai Tour Planner, ditugaskan pula menelusuri / meneliti dan membuka daerah tujuan wisata Sumatera Utara, termasuk pulau Nias, Sumatera Barat, Sumatera Selatan, Jawa Barat, Jawa Tengah, Jawa Timur, Bali, Sulsel, Sulut dan Ternate. sejak tahun 1965.

Selain dari itu, berhasil pula membuka pelabuhan Teluk Dalam, Belawan, Teluk Bayur, Tg. Periuk, Benoa & Padang Bay, Ujung Pandang, dan Ternate untuk melayani penerimaan/pengurusan kedatangan kapal pesiar asing (cruise ships)

Selanjutnya silakan klik program berikut: (a) Bimbel Binis Wisata (b) Digital Travel Agent Training (c) Tourism Business Competency Training

Payment Methods in GTBEC

You can use the various local bank transfer methods listed here.

Kindly Pay To: Drs. Noersal Samad, MA (UI)

(a) For 3 (three) months IDR 300,000 or in USD 27.00

(b) For 6 (six) months IDR 500,000 or in USD 35.00

(c)  For 1 (one) year IDR 800,000 or in USD 57,00

Bank Mandiri #157-00-0185201-2

Premium member (One Year) payment confirmation

via  HP / WA: 08118841937 (SMS first)

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