Halal in Islam literally means that which is permissible. Halal tourism refers to activities that are suited to Islamic principles, with the intention of engaging more Muslims in the tourism industry.  Halal tourism is not only confined to the application of  Halal foods and non-alcoholic beverages consumption .  Halal tourism,however,  includes Halal activities, Halal hotels, as well as being held in sites that are equipped with facilities in which Muslims can worship.

Observant Muslims typically avoid alcohol and areas where there can be excessive nudity, like beaches and nightclubs.  For women who adhere to Islam’s modest dress code, swimming can pose a challenge. That means resorts that offer gender-segregated beaches and pools have an advantage.

Each Appointed Halal Tourist Guide should be able to competently follow the required itineraries,  places of interest interpretation techniques, mosques and/or places/prayer rooms, qiblas, praying times,  including  the presentation of relevant “dakwah” and all must recited “duas” when starting, during a journey and returning from a journey. in due time.

 Some examples of Halal tourism include the availability of places of worships in shopping centres and major tourism facilities. In the UK alone, this phenomenon is increasingly apparent. For example, prayer rooms can be found at Trafford Centre, Manchester Airport, Heathrow Airport, and other places. Other examples are hotels that serve Halal foods and have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women. Simultaneously, there has been a growing number of flights serving Halal foods and beverages, having prayer spaces, announcing prayer schedules, and incorporating religious programmes into tourism activity packages.

Furthermore, not only offering Halal resorts and hotels to support Halal tourism, a number of places have begun promoting themselves as Halal tourism destinations. Indonesia has formally announced three provinces as Halal tourism destinations, including Aceh, West Sumatra, and West Nusa Tenggara. In addition to its beautiful scenery, these three areas are known as regions that uphold strong Islamic culture and values.

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