Develop and Manage Leisure Facilities

such as: Leisure centres, Swim Centres, Sporting complexes, Gymnasiums, Health clubs etc.

  • Seek a job, Start a business or improve your career prospects
  • Learn from tutors with decades of experience in the Leisure Industries
  • In Part 1 study management and development or redevelopment of recreation facilities.
  • Learn about the nature of recreation and fitness facilities, legal requirements during construction, the management of minor construction projects and evaluating fitness and recreation equipment.
  • Through the second half study day to day operations of facilities such as gyms, health clubs, swimming pools, or recreation facilities -study managing bookings, purchasing, safety, contingencies and insurance
  • Learn to…
  • Explain the nature of recreation and fitness facilities.
  • Explain legalities that must be satisfied by construction work projects.
  • Evaluate suitability of equipment for a given purpose in a recreation or fitness facility.
  • Explore the  recreation facilities and services are provided in your locality.
  • Compare different facilities in your locality that provide the same type of recreation and fitness services.
  • Describe the minimum facilities required to provide common services in different types of recreation facilities, such as; health clubs, gyms, leisure centres, swimming pools, golf courses, bowling greens and other sporting clubs

Lesson Structure

There are 13 lessons in this course: 

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