How to Build a Career in Digital Marketing Industry


The Wave associated with this industry is so strong today that it’s undoubtedly the best time to be part of this fast-growing industry. Being part of this industry since last 16 years, I believe these are some of the top reasons to build a rewarding career in Digital Marketing industry in 2018:

Top 5 Reasons for a Rewarding Digital Marketing Career

  • Jobs in Digital Marketing in 2018.  Jobs are expected to be created in Digital Marketing space in the year 2018. While this number would include various kinds of Digital Marketing as a Career, the demand for few profiles including technical & analytics skilled professionals is always going to exceed the available talent pool. While a large number of brands and agencies don’t advertise for jobs related to Online Marketing, there are over 12.5k jobs  updated on a daily basis. This marks for a substantial increase in the number of jobs just within a year’s time. Interestingly, ‘Social Media Marketing’ alone has over 10k jobs compared to 1700 in 2016
  • Given the increasing gap between demand and supply of Digital Marketing professionals, a Digital Marketer commands a much higher average salary compared to other industries.

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