Building Travel  Infrastructure and Competencies

Creating a high-tech operation

In the current travel business context, both Front and Back Office automation are a must to gain efficiency and profitability, and to meet customers’ expectations.

There are applications that enable agents to market products and services to appropriate customers by sending tailored emails from within this new technology. The agent’s role is changing from being merely a single point of sale on the high street. With these new functionalities, independent agents can compete against the Internet and TV.

For a monthly fee, and at the nod from a customer, agents are able to turn to their online customer database put on that technology, and email out the promotions and product news their clients opt to hear about. The service can be used either as a one-off, when the customer comes in to the agency to see what’s currently available, or it can be set up to send out daily emails detailing the various appropriate holidays on offer, up until a specified date. Brochure facility permits agents to attach pages from brochures to emails.

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