Travel Agent Training Package

Travel Agent training expands your world view! As a student in Global Travel Business Education Centre (GBEC), you can learn to plan business and pleasure trips for individuals, families, and corporate travelers, all online.

 Our Travel Agent Training Programs

  • Our training program is one of the most affordable online programs available.
  • Your up-to-date tutorial includes important topics, such as geography, national and worldwide air travel, cruises, lodging and accommodations, corporate travel, and reservation systems.
  • Your travel agent courses teach you the procedures for managing bookings and reservations.
  • Your online  course includes access to online training simulation for popular reservation software systems.
  • Your travel agent training includes numerous virtual field trips to Internet locations that will expand the depth of your instruction and assist in the development of your personal resource collection.
  • The GTBEC is the education destination for all travel professionals, promoting a standard of industry knowledge and excellence.
  • The GTBEC refers to the national standard for entry-level training and is the first step towards professional recognition in the travel industry.
  • Taking the GTBEC Course allows students to demonstrate that they have mastered the basics of the travel industry.

The most important thing is just to get started.

All you have to do is create your premium membership, and you’ll gain immediate access to all our resources.

Payment Methods in GTBEC

You can use the various local bank transfer methods listed here.

Kindly Pay To: Drs. Noersal Samad, MA (UI)

(a) For 3 (three) months IDR 300,000 or in USD 27.00

(b) For 6 (six) months IDR 500,000 or in USD 35.00

(c)  For 1 (one) year IDR 800,000 or in USD 57,00

Bank Mandiri #157-00-0185201-2

Premium member (One Year) payment confirmation

via  HP / WA: 08118841937 (SMS first)

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