Travel service providers know that customers are their key asset. That is why they should know everything about their travel booking behaviours and requirements to ensure that their customers are provided with the best service possible.

Their CRM solution should allow their staff to create an enquiry when the customer calls, or it can be created automatically by the customer through their websites.


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That’s why your CRM manuals fully integrates with iSell, providing you with a centralised platform for managing your customers and enquiries.

If the customer is new, they will be added to your database and the details of their enquiry will be attached including their preferred destination, mode of transport and how they heard about your company. When the enquiry is active, every search your staff make is attached to that enquiry; every itinerary can be saved as a quote for retrieval later; and every snippet of information gathered can be added and stored as notes, thanks to the CRM’s full integration with iSell.

Every detail becomes a permanent record to ensure you are armed with the right knowledge to pick up where you left off when they call again. Beautifully-designed quotes featuring your company branding can be sent by email or printed out, and you can even schedule callback reminders to follow up on potential bookings.


When you have collected all of this information you need to be able to translate it to meaningful date and reports. You are empowered  to search through your customers and their enquiries in a number of different ways, ensuring you can always find the information you need.

You can report on staff enquiry conversion performance and export customers and enquiries as CSV files to generate you own processing. You are also supported with CRM data in your API, allowing you to write your own code for creating and retrieving customer and enquiry data, and enabling integration with existing travel customer management solutions.


If you’re building your own booking engine, achieving integration with all the flights, hotels, cruise and ancillary suppliers you want to sell is going to take years of development work.

Each supplier is different, with their own unique quirks and requirements, and making them all work together is no trivial matter (we should know). Using the API you can shortcut that entire process and learn and implement just one interface. You can then access your extensive database of suppliers. Set-up a hotel search today with your choice of suppliers, and if you decide to use different suppliers in the future, all it takes is a configuration change – no additional development time is required. Concentrate on your user interface and leave the supplier work to us.


The API is your gateway to supplying third-party technology companies with access to your stock. And since the API is standardised for all customers, any third party that has integrated the API for another company will now be able to support your stock easily too. Your API will enable your trade partners to search for availability, retrieve your content and descriptions, and make bookings with credit cards or on account.


We truly believe that your booking and customer data is yours. The API allows you to access this data, syncing it with an external system, pulling out information so you can run your own reports, or add new booking data from sales you’ve made elsewhere. And if you’re an agent with a website you’re currently managing yourself or through another web hosting company, the API allows you to add live pricing and booking functionality, eliminating the need to deal with multiple supplier integrations.

iSell enables agents and operators to sell, create and manage their travel portfolio using one secure web-based solution. With iSell, using multiple systems for different business functions is no longer necessary; you provide a one-stop shop for agents to search and book their suppliers. This single consistent interface allows companies to manage and access their own stock contracts and their customer enquiries and bookings. It’s automated and fully integrated, so manual data inputs are a thing of the past.

No other system on the market provides the same tight and seamless integration of services. You can integrate with hundreds of suppliers, providing customers with access to a wide range of travel products including flights, hotels, cruise, packages and ancillary services. You should update your portfolio regularly and if a customer suggests a new supplier, you can add them immediately. Suppliers are also welcome to approach you to discuss integration as you strive to provide your clients with choice and quality. It is up to you  to negotiate your commercial agreements and when the deals are sealed.

Up-To-Date Tour Operator Solutions

The role of tour operators and travel agents has evolved over the past decade and the lines between the two have blurred. Today, operators sell direct, as well as through the trade, and agents are creating and selling packages from their own contracted stock.

Whether you’re an established tour operator or an industry newcomer, you can create the perfect travel portfolio.


The iTour suite of products is designed to help tour operators and modern-age agents manage flighthotel and transfer contracts; build traditional tour operator packages; manage events; and construct perfect cruise itineraries. Each product has been built in-house by your expert team, working in partnership with some of the leading tour operators in each of these areas. The result is that every feature is tailor made to ensure it meets the complex needs of today’s dynamic tour operator community.

In addition, every product is integrated into your iSell platform, so there’s no new software to install and no new set of credentials to remember.

Your role extends to distribution partner too – create your offers in the iTour suite and sell your product to your extensive customer database. You are also facilitated with distribution to customers through your API, which allows third parties to search and book all of our suppliers through one single and consistent interface.

Most travel company back-office systems were created before the web existed, and certainly before the market became more complex and the line between travel agents and tour operators blurred. These systems were not designed to handle the way in which travel is booked today – through multiple channels, from a wider array of suppliers, and in a more bespoke fashion. Most back-office solution providers even tried to lock you in, providing no way to extrapolate data or integrate it from other systems. You system was created to solve these problems. It’s a modern, web-based solution with a full export and import API.


iBOS manages multi-channel bookings from one central platform. This allows you to glean a complete picture of your trading status in terms of sales closed, supplier payments made, deposits paid and who needs a reminder letter. And when you  send out those letters, or any other documentation, your designed templates will integrate your branding to ensure your company image and marketing messages are personalised and consistent. You should  support for all elements including cruise and multi-room hotel bookings, which means you can report on specific components such as popular ships and cabins, rather than be left trying to extract that information from single fields in the database. Your reporting function is able to run standardised and bespoke reports to suit your business needs.

We’ve always believed the best systems are flexible in terms of the data they store and display. You go to great lengths to tailor your solutions to meet the specific needs of the leisure travel industry and work with agencies large and small to build a system that meets their exact requirements.  Sometimes however, agencies generate bookings via another system or have a management report infrastructure in place they need to get data into. That’s where your iBOS system works its magic. Thanks to your API integration, you can search and retrieve full booking information with all financial data attached, and if you’re making bookings elsewhere, you can even import them into the system so all of your data is in one in place.

Our in-house design team boasts unrivalled expertise, delivering creative solutions to user interface problems and working in partnership with external agencies to ensure existing travel brands translate well to the web. We’ve kept pace with technology and user trends, developing mobile-friendly web solutions with multi-lingual options.


Our design team will translate your brand and business vision into a dynamic and user-friendly web presence. From your homepage, booking pages and search engine, to optimised landing pages, special offers and enquiry forms, our platform design is flexible to ensure your business needs are met. We believe our customers should define their own user experience, and so we give you the tools to be creative. Our Page Builder CMS makes building static pages easy


You are offered with much more than just a booking engine; our front-end websites support an extensive list of features and offer you everything you’d expect from a modern, cutting-edge travel website. Enquiry forms, email sign-ups, special offer listings and searches, automatically-generated offers, hand-picked cruise deals, banners, image carousels, multiple languages on one site and right-to-left text support are just some of the features we can offer. Our platform is designed to suit travel websites of all sizes, plus we give customers the option to build their own site, or we can build it on their behalf.


We offer one of the most comprehensive flight search solutions on the market providing flexibility, an enviable range of suppliers, and an integration ability like no other. We seamlessly connect you to all of the major GDS providers; low-cost carriers; charter flight operators; and even trade-friendly consolidators. And if you can’t find the airline partner you’d like to sell, we will add them immediately. We have a proven track record connecting our clients to airlines from all four corners of the globe, fast and efficiently.


Whether you’re searching for a basic short- or long-haul route or a more complicated open jaw, scheduled-only flight, we’ve got it covered. You can use our flight search solution on your consumer and agency websites, as well as your iSell system, configuring each with options hand-picked by you. Most searches connect directly to the supplier’s live API, so pricing and availability are accurate. But if you’re willing to trade a little of both, our large cache of flight data can be leveraged to provide more flexible and detailed searches such as finding the cheapest flight price by week, month or during a specified period. We also factor in your markups, currency and language, providing a customised itinerary tailored to you and your clients.


If you’re a tour operator or contracting your own flights, our cutting-edge iTour Flights product will incorporate them. You can also manage your own pricing and availability, control sectors, sales channels and flight manifests. Every product in the portfolio can be fully integrated and your flight search technology is no exception. Flights can be combined with other travel products and services to create complete itineraries. Our suite of integrated products also enables you to send quotes, manage bookings through your back office system, add in flight options as part of a cruise package, search with our API, and more.


iSell brings together all of your administrative functions in one place to support your customer or agent-facing website. The solution gives you access to all of your bookings, your customer details via our CRM, and a shopping basket model that allows your staff to build Your information-rich content empowers your staff to give customers in-depth product knowledge. It even provides details of errant messages and flight rules to help customers make accurate buying decisions. Access to complete customer history, including past travel-search behaviours, helps staff to be prepared and offer a better service.


Built with flexibility in mind, iSell is modular and can be customised to meet your specific business needs. The iBOS back-office system will integrate your suppliers and your commercial arrangements while our iTour suite of products will manage your flighthotel and other stock contracts. Every aspect of your business will run from one secure online platform, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Even staff who work remotely can access your system without the need for costly and complicated network solutions. All homeworkers require is a web browser and Internet access.


Your integration with travel suppliers allows you to select your existing partners and access them through one interface, eliminating the need to train staff on each individual supplier system. This saves time and money and helps new team members get up to speed quickly. Your supplier credentials are also controlled centrally, along with your chosen margins and other financial considerations. This means staff are selling at the price you want them to, with no option to undersell. Agents do not have access to supplier information, so if they leave your company, commercially-sensitive information will remain confidential.


The hotel search solution is multi-functional and loaded with features. We connect you to the world’s leading hotel suppliers and can filter your search results by name, price, rating, board basis, destination and even by accommodation facilities. You can sell in your own currency, display descriptions in your own language, prioritise results based on recommendations or supplier, include your own stock, show hotels on a map and calculate discounts based on promotional codes. The hotel search solution can be used with your consumer or agency website, as well as your iSell system.


HotelBeds, Expedia, MedHotels, Tourico, Jumbo and GTA are just some of the big supplier names. If you’re working with a supplier already, there’s a good chance they are partnered with us, but if not, we can integrate them swiftly at your request. If you’re looking for a new supplier or commercial arrangement for your business, look no further than our enviable portfolio of accommodation specialists from across the globe. And if you’re a tour operator or contracting your own hotel rates, then you can take advantage of our cutting-edge iTour Hotels solution, which will integrate your own rates and availability.

The current travel technology company  takes the plunge, developing advanced cruise booking tools for consumer and trade websites that left our conservative competition treading water. The  technology specialist will offer true dynamic packaging of cruise products, hotels and flightsfrom any supplier, and the company also offers agents the ability to hand pick every facet of a custom cruise itinerary, enabling them to sell it as one single package using our CSI solution. Today, it remains the only one-stop shop for cruise packaging, empowering bookers to integrate cruise with a range of travel add-ons, priced and displayed in the currency and language of their choice.


The experienced content team ensures your database of available cruises is up-to-date and accurate. Every itinerary from every cruise line is in all of your available markets and in every language supported, is updated on a daily basis. From comprehensive cruise line and ship descriptions to detailed cabin information and supporting images that bring the product to life, your content is designed to maximise cruise selling opportunities. You also give travel companies the option to make their own insightful edits, based on their knowledge and experience. Using your cruise administration tool, agents can also upload their own images, write their own descriptions, add in extra details and even create their own cruise itineraries. The system on the market provides this level of content flexibility.


Your product should be tailored to suit your individual business needs. From basic cruise-only packages to complex travel itineraries that include a cruise component, your product suite covers all bases. Your  Cruise Pro solution will provide all cruise brochure content; enabling you to book every major cruise company online; and also offering full administration capabilities for both consumer- and trade-facing websites. For more complex itineraries that package cruise with flightshotels, transfers and other ancillary providers, your  Cruise All Inclusive solution provides you with all the tools you need. To take your cruise itineraries to the next level, add Cruise Super Itineraries (CSI) to All Inclusive, which at the touch of a button, presents multiple flight, hotel, transfer and attraction options to suit your client’s requirements. But for the ultimate set-up, the Cruise API will empower you to build your own content and packages on your own servers, with complete access to all of our cruise data.


Product Features Pro All Inc. API
Cruise information for more than 100 cruise lines worldwide
All brochure descriptions – ship, port, cabins, itineraries in your language
Compare and filter options of search results
Online booking of major cruise lines
Pricing from cruise line flat files, with live pricing where possible
Admin Suite to manage manual content, special offers and pricing
A single call centre booking tool for available cruise lines
Cruise dynamic packaging engine with optional CSI
Worldwide flighthotel, transfer & ancillary providers


The cruise booking solutions provide cruise specialists with a raft of advanced features, enabling them to make group bookings and cabin allocations, wholesale products and apply past passenger discounts, as well as cruise line promotion codes. They can be deployed across all platforms –consumer and agency websites and call centres – and like all products, they integrate with every other system in your product suite. Manage your bookings through the Back Office, store enquiries and send attractive quotes with our CRM, and package complex travel components to create the perfect itinerary for your customer.

The vast supplier base not only covers basics like flights, hotels, cruises and packages, but an extensive range of ancillary services too. These can be booked individually or as part of a package, enabling agents to add value and boost revenue.


Search and book a range of ancillaries such as car hire, transfers, insurance, airport car parking, attraction tickets, resort services, lounge passes and more, with multiple supplier options available for each. Your smart technology is also intuitive to your customer’s ancillary needs. For example, if you’re using our cruise dynamic packaging system and your customer has selected a cruise, flight, hotel and an ancillary, our solution will automatically work out what transfers are required for each stage of the trip. It will calculate routes between airports, resorts and ports and present multiple transport options, from private taxi to shuttle bus.


The portfolio of products, including our ancillary services, integrate and communicate with one another. Bookings are managed in the iBOS Back Office and you can save ancillary quotes and send them to customers using our sophisticated CRM system. You can even manage your own transfer stock and include it in your search with our iTour Transfers product, and of course, ancillary searches can be applied to your consumer or trade websites and to iSell and our API.

An integrated travel management system 

SOURCE: Adapted from  Traveltek Group Ltd, Copyright 2016

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