With the ever-increasing trend to reduce waste and emissions, increase energy efficiency and minimise practices that may threaten our natural resources, more and more organisations are realising the importance of environmental management and implementing environmental initiatives as core values into their business plans.

You Need to Understand Environment!

Businesses, Institutions, Industry and Community Groups are crying out for guidance on environmental conservation and the best way to care for precious and limited natural resources. They could be getting that guidance from you!

Take the first step with us towards a career that really makes a difference. Whether it’s advising community groups on land care issues, educating youth on environmentally conscious living, or lobbying industry to clean up pollution practices, your voice can make a difference!

There are many keen and well meaning people who care for the environment, but lack the knowledge to be heard by those in power.

Take this first step. Study Conservation and Environmental Management and you’ll be powering-up your passion with the practical skills and knowledge you need to make a difference.

Study with us, make a difference, and make your voice heard!


  • Learn to manage conservation in different environments.
  • Explore conservation issues and strengthen your knowledge of the environment
  • Self paced course, provides a credit toward a range of different certificates or diplomas.
  • For people working in conservation or environmental areas, or anyone with a passion for sustainability.

The course reviews basic ecology including topics in water and soil conservation, and places these topics in historical perspective by considering the impact humankind has had on the environment in modern times.  Environmental problems such as pollution and land degradation are explored, followed by a more in-depth look at issues of animal, marine and vegetation conservation.

Lesson Structure

There are 8 lessons in this course:

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