1. Tour Operator’s Responsibilities
2. Operating Staff Responsibilities
3. Job Specifications
4. Guides’ Duties
5. Drivers’ Tasks
6. Tour Participants’ Entitlements
7. Group Movement Patterns
8. Arrival & Departure Transfers
9. Tour Arrangements
10. Notes to Guides
11. Tour Itineraries
12. Longhauls
13. Routing Charts
14. Notice Boards in Hotels
15. Drink On Board Coches
16. Immigration
17. Customs
18. Duty Rosters
19. Accounting Procedures
20. Coach Charts
21. Uniforms & Grooming Standards
22. Communications
23. 5 Steps to a better Voice and Good Speech
24. Notes to Guides
25. Coach Cleanliness
26. Baggage Loading On To Coaches
27. Emergencies
28. First Aids Instructions


Local tour operator’s responsibilities to Garuda

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1. Provide air – conditioned deluxe coaches for


b) 2 Tours in Kuala Lumpur – City and Suburbs
1 Tour in Malacca – City Tour

c) All transfers between Airport / Hotel in Kuala Lumpur.

2. Assistance and look after passengers whenever they are on long hauls transfers or tour as above.

3. All tips, entrance fees as follows :

a) Porter age @ 20 cts per piece at hotels and airports.

b) Tips at Mosque, entrance fee at zoo Negara in Kuala Lumpur.
(Note : Camera charge at zoo for pax. Account)

c) Toll charges an route i.e. Muar.


Administrate your area and act as Coordinator and supervise Guides, Drivers, Passengers and coaches when in your area.

a) Discuss, with Guides and Drivers their assignments as instructed by Kuala Lumpur.
b) Assist Guides especially when things are not going right.
c) Be present at hotels for all departures and arrivals on long hauls.
d) Handle all reports, complaints and cash floats in your area if instructed by Kuala Lumpur.
e) Locate standby coaches in case of emergencies and make all necessary decisions in cases of emergencies.
f) Liaise with hotels and tour supervisor-Kuala Lumpur, Agent handling arrangements in Singapore to establish good working relationship.


Administrate your area and act as Coordinator and supervise Guides, Drivers, Passengers and coaches when in your area.
a) Discuss, with Guides and Drivers their assignments as instructed by Kuala Lumpur.
b) Assist Guides especially when things are not going right.
c) Be present at hotels for all departures and arrivals on long hauls.
d) Handle all reports, complaints and cash floats in your area if instructed by Kuala Lumpur.
e) Locate standby coaches in case of emergencies and make all necessary decisions in cases of emergencies.
f) Liaise with hotels and tour supervisor-Kuala Lumpur, Agent handling arrangements in Singapore to establish good working relationship.

Tour Arrangements

  • ARR/DEP Transfers (Hilton) ARR/DEP Transfers (Merlin)
  • Local Tours (Hilton) Local Tours (Merlin)
  • Long hauls (Hilton) Long hauls (Merlin)
  • Hotel Counter (Hilton) Optional Tours (Merlin Hilton)
  • Hotel Counter (Merlin)
  • All Malacca Arrangements
  • Coaches
  • Schedules & Drivers Schedules & Instructions
  • Instruction all for all optional tour
  • Basic arrangements requirements
  • Accounting
  • Office petty cash
  • Optional Tours Accounting
  • All invoices / payments
  • Passengers
  • All Complaints
  • All compliments
  • All requirements
  • Reports
  • Bi weekly reports on Bi weekly reports on
  • All basic tour arrangements all optional tours


Act as tour Leader and Guide to the group assigned.

1) Collect from your supervisor all necessary documents.
2) Check coaches are at the hotels as assigned and that they are clean.
3) Check job signs and colour codes before passengers boarding
4) Check first aid boxes.
5) Clear immigration and customs on passengers be half.
6) Guide and assist passengers during long hauls or drives
7) Report and if possible action on malfunctioning of hotels or stopping points enroute.
8) Pay all tips and entrance fees on the spot from your cash flow.
9) Decide after due discussions with driver, on the spot during all forms of emergencies.
10) Report immediately to Tour Supervisors of any major mishaps en route.
11) Instruct driver to phone Tour Supervisor in case of delays, breakdowns or major emergencies that you cannot deal with.
12) Report to Tour Supervisors on completion of day’s duties either personal or by phone wherever you may be.
13) Instruct drivers to service and clean their coaches at and of each trip.


Act as Captain of coach
1) Look after your guide, discuss and advise guide in case of emergencies.
2) Refuel, service engine, air conditioner, brakes and tyres of coach to see that they are in good condition the night before next assignment.
3) Clean the external as well as internal parts of coach after every job.
4) Put up “job” signboards on arrival at hotels.
5) Supervise loading and unloading of baggage
6) Assist in counting and looking after passengers.
7) In case of breakdown, repair coach immediately or telephone for replacements in case you cannot repair it.
8) In case of unreasonable request from passengers please comply after due discussion with your guide.


All passengers traveling on Garuda Mumpuni Tour have paid for a packaged tour which includes :

1) Flights Between Jakarta and Kuala Lumpur by Garuda, economy class
Between Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand by MAS Boeing 737 Jets on economy class per programmed.

2) Transfers All transfers between Airport and Hotel inclusive of porter age of one suitcase each.
3) Tours All tours : 2 in Kuala Lumpur
2 in Penang
2 in Bangkok
2 in Singapore
1 in Malacca
And inclusive of entrance fees and tips.

4) Longhauls Longhauls between Kuala Lumpur / Malacca/ Singapore, one way only.

5) Rooms
½ twin (sharing) room in the hotels as single supplement would have been paid for before commencement of journey.

6) Meals Full breakfast every morning at the hotels they stay in.

7) Airport taxes : At all airports

Service charges
Tips, Entrance
Fees,Porterage On all arrangements and in all hotels as specified in the programme.

Baggage Allowance 44 lbs on all flights
On longhauls between Kuala Lumpur/ Malancca/ Singapore – one average size suitcase.

For such programmes, no changes or refunds are generally allowed except in cases certified serious illness or certified compassionate grounds.

However, should passengers insist on changes, they may do so at their own expense and no refund or credits will be entertained by Garuda.

All passengers will hold official tickets issued by Garuda. In case of doubt, please refer to tickets or your Senior officers.


Attached to this page is a chart showing the 12 different itineraries.

Analyzed, one will have, every week :

1) 3 Group of 32 passengers arriving Kuala Lumpur for short holidays ranging from 7-9 days. This tour includes Kuala Lumpur and Singapore

“ 2 Cities”

2) 5 Groups of 32 passengers arriving Kuala Lumpur for a 2 weeks Holiday visiting Kuala Lumpur, Penang (Malaysia) Singapore (Singapore) and Bangkok (Thailand)

“3 Cities”

3) 4 groups of 32 passengers arriving Kuala Lumpur, Penang (Malaysia) and Singapore (Singapore)
“ 2 countries”

All passengers will arrive form and depart home to Indonesia by Garuda Boeing 707 Jets. When on tours, all flights within Singapore, Malaysia and Thailand will be on MAS and all long distance coach travel will be between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore with a night stop over in Malacca.


These transfers should always be carried out without a flow, otherwise you will create a bad impression from the beginning for arrival transfers to the end of the trip for departure transfers. This must be avoided at all costs.

Arrival Transfers

1) Check arrival time of flight. Also telephone to remind coach and baggage lorry to be et the Airport on time.

a) For group flights
Baggage can be loaded at the back of coach.
Guides will work on their own.
b) In the case of flights arriving during the week end, a baggage larry will be used for transportation of All bags to their respective hotels.

Assistant tour supervisor will be there to meet the groups and lend a helping hand.

2) Check that all necessary documents are in hand, before you leave for the Airport, Arrangements can be made beforehand, for coach to pick you up and proceed to the Airport together.

3) Please be at the Airport, 15 minutes before flight arrival.

4) Upon arrival, contact the airlines coordinator ; and check with him which exit-gate is being used so as to position your coaches and baggage larry, to your passengers’ convenience, Also check with him the number of persons, group number (or groups) and remind of baggage handling.

It is up to the Tour coordinator to go into the Airport to meet the passengers get them into a group and see to it that all baggage is put into a bay. Please request him to inform the passengers to check through on an individual basis.

When everyone is ready be should get them through customs

b) if the Assistant Tour Supervisor has to go in to attend to things, he should appoint a tour leader to approach customs. This is to safeguard our interests.

5) After the passengers have been cleared through customs, they should proceed to the exit gate, where our guide will meet them and show them to the coach. Request the driver to count numbers.

6) At about the same time, the baggage should be ready for collection. Check with the tour coordinator, the number of bags arrange for porters to load them on to coach.

a) In charter flight arrivals – bags to be unloaded first, should be loaded least, on to baggage lorry. And the lest guide at the Airport, should not leave until all the bags have been loaded and the driver is happy with the numbers.

7) Pay for porter age, there and then, and proceed to the hotel with the passengers.

b) Should there be many coaches leaving the same time, the first coach should travel faster and the rest should slow down a little.

8) Whilst proceeding to the hotel always first wish the passengers “welcome to Malaysia” and introduce yourself to them.

9) Announce to them the check in procedures at the hotel.

10) Brief them on the whole itinerary should you have time, and this is left to your discretion, your may brief them a little about the city, tell them things like where to go for their meals and what to do.

11) Ask them whether they have any question and answer them as best you can.

12) Collect all their flight tickets and explain to them that it is only for reconfirmation purposes and that you will hand them back before they leave.

13) Upon reaching the hotel, apply check in procedure as given. Sit at your desk for 30 minutes when you are sure of no problems or complaints from your passengers you may go home.

14) As soon as it is convenient to you, take all the tickets to any MAS office and reconfirm them.

The Assistant tour supervisor is advised to go to the airport in case of a missing bag, so that he can remain behind to clear it. However it may not always be possible. Therefore, the whole task will fall back on the guide.


1) Check departure time of flights
If there is a delay, inform the hotel to make the Announcement using the paging system.
If it is known well beforehand, then the guide should inform each and a very passenger of the delay and switch the departure times accordingly

2) Coaches and baggage lorries have to be informed or reminded of the pick-up time.
For domestic flights, passengers should leave for the Airport 18 hours before departure.
For international flights, passengers should leave 2 hours before departure.

3) Report to the hotel on time and check that the coach and the coach and the baggage lorry are there already
Guides should report half-hour before they are due to leave, to check baggage, etc. as in “check-out” procedures of hotel.

4) The baggage lorry should leave the hotel first and the driver of the baggage lorry should be informed of the flight number and where he should unload the bags.

5) Whilst on the way to the airport, announce to the passengers to have their
a) Passports together with the white immigration card inside.
b) $ 2.00 airport tax in Singapore or Malaysian currency.

c) Their airline tickets for whichever sector they ore flying

6) Explain to them what they have to do when they are at the airport
a) they will have to check-in at the MAS counter, individually
b) Advise them of the time of departure and the approximate time the departure announcement will be made.

7) Upon arrival at the airport, request them to check-in. unload baggage (from coach ) and get porters to attend to these after counting them. Pay porteragu fees the there and then.

8) Check again with all your passengers, if they have their passports, tickets and boarding passes. Remain at the Airport until Aircraft takes off.

9) Sometimes an aircraft could be delayed after passengers have boarded the aircraft. It is imperative that you are around should this happen.
Should such a case arise, please follow the following

a) should the delay be for an hour or two, passengers must remain at the airport.
b) Should the delay be more than 7 hours, the passengers are to be taken back to the hotel. If this is the case, please telephone the coach to come back to the airport.
c) Should the delay be for long periods requiring extra meals and overnight accommodation, this will become the responsibility of the airlines. ours is to provide them with a transfer once the time is confirmed.

The bust policy in such cases would be always to consult the tour coordinator, before you make decision, as this becomes the responsibility of the Airlines (this applies only to international flights, as it unlikely for Domestic Flights to be delayed for such long periods)

It is always encouraged that all guides and tour supervisors be on good terms with Airline personnel. Never and under no circumstances should we push the Airlines or demand from them. Always be the first one to cooperate with them.

From Hotel to Airport

1) Day before departure of flight or coach, inform or check the following :
a) To passengers and hotel

1) Wake up call if necessary

2) Baggage collection time

3) Time to be at the lobby

4) Time of departure from hotel

5) Time of departure of flight if necessary
b) Coach and baggage van arrangements

2) Be at hotel at least one hour before departure for longhauls and 45 minutes departure for the airports.

3) At the hotel action as follows :
a) Check baggage
b) Inform cashier of groups departure
c) Check coach
d) 20 minutes before departure page for boarding
e) Roll call and baggage check

4) When satisfied or time is right for departure, instruct coach to move ahead.

5) On the way to the airport make the following announcements :
a) Enquire if they are comfortable
b) Brief them on airport check – in procedures, immigration
c) Inform them of facilities at the airport

6) On arrival at the airport, apply flight check in procedure

7) Telephone office and report

Notes :
For departure transfers, nothing should ever go wrong except flight delays. (Please refer to flight check in procedures)


ARRIVAL TRANSFERS From airport to hotel

1) Before arrival of the flight check the following :
a) Coach reservations
b) Baggage van reservation
c) Hotel reservation and collect rooming list
d) Check – in procedures
e) Notice or information Board
Once you are satisfied that all basic arrangements are in order, call the airport for flight information to find out if the flight is on time.

2) Be at the airport at least 15 minutes before flight touch down.
Or arrival at the airport, check :
a) Information on flight
b) Coach presence
c) Baggage van presence
d) Brief both drivers
e) Inform MAS on time of your group’s arrival and request assistance.

3) On flight’s arrival, wait at gate, you may have to seek permission to go beyond the customs benches to inform passengers :
a) Collect their baggage’s and leave them in one area
b) Appoint a tour leader to inform customs that the baggage is ready for checking

4) When customs authorize the bags to be taken out :
a) Bring the passengers to the coach – you must be at the door of the coach first.
b) Contact the porters to bring the bags out to the baggage van
c) Inform the baggage van driver the number of pieces and hand him the porter age fees for the porters.
d) When you are satisfied that you have all the passengers and bags under control inform the driver to move off to their hotel.

5) On the way to the hotel, if this being the first transfer, make the following announcements :
a) Welcome passengers and enquire if the are comfortable as well as about their flight into Kuala Lumpur.
b) Introduce yourself.
c) Apologies for delays or inconvenience if accession arrises
d) Go through their whole programmed quickly
e) Go through their itinerary again in for all arrangements you are involved in.
f) Brief passengers on check in procedures at the hotel
g) Brief passengers the time they have to be at the lobby tours, long hauls and departure transfers.
h) Inform passengers of their notice board at the hotel lobby and hospitality desk.
i) Inform passengers of
i) hotel facilities
ii) exchange rates
iii) taxi services and charges
iv) shopping
v) spare time – optional Tours
vi) food, water and general health conditions.
j) If time to spare run commentary of surrounding scenery
k) Just before arriving at the hotel, remind passengers of :
i) Check – in procedure
ii) Meeting times at lobby for tours
iii) Remind them not to leave any personal belongings on card.
6) On arrival at the hotel be the first one to leave and stand at the coach exit to assist passengers

7) When all passengers are off the coach, approach the check-in area to ensure that passengers are taken care of.

8) Go back to the coach to check of anything has been left behind

9) Ensure that the porters are doing their work right

10) When all is finished, contact hotels Inur Coordinator to ensure :
i) All passengers checked in
ii) all baggage will be in order and be sent to the room quickly
iii) meal arrangements
iv) wake-up calls and baggage collection time even it is not for the narrow
11) When all is satisfactory, telephone office and report accordingly
You may then leave the hotel
When arrangements go wrong please… DO NOT PANIC….
Find out what is wrong and act accordingly

Missing or damaged bag gages at the airport => Straight away to ground hostess with passengers.

Missing passenger at airport – report straight way to ground hostess and check flight manifest

If manifested, page for passenger
If not manifested, ignore it.

  • Customs query airport – contact the passenger involved and request passenger to answer them
  • Documentary discrepancy at airport-passengers will have to deal with it.
  • Never delay other passengers if possible
  • Non sighting of coach or baggage van at airport – telephone immediately to coach company or officer whichever is quicker and enquire


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