Promote Your Farm as an Agritourism Destination

Since childhood, most non-farmers equate red barns, animals in pastures, blue overalls, and pitchforks with their idea of a farm. Many paying tourists will seek a destination that meets that image, to experience it first hand. Many want to see the farm they knew in their bedtime storybook. Agritourism destinations that meet this expectation will be rewarded with plenty of visitors.

People in the agriculture industry know better; few modern farms reflect the “Old McDonald” image. If you operate a modern orchard, dairy, or horse breeding facility, you should make it clear from the start that your operation is not like a storybook farm.

Promote your farm as a modern, efficiency-driven business that integrates new technology with old fashioned farming principles.

Avoid projecting a cutesy image; rather, educate the visitor about the realities of modern farming. They have invested time and effort in getting to your farm and will not appreciate being misled by promotional literature that does not match the experience they will have at your farm.


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