Tour Guiding Presentation Techniques

Content and Methodology


 People who leave their homes to temporarily visit a place

 They should be spending and not earning money from the place they visit

 Reasons can be pleasure, meetings or seminars

 With the intention of learning something about the place like its history, people, culture

Basic factors for a successful tourist destination

 Attractions which can be site itself or an event

 Amenities or facilities like accommodation, food, local, transportation, communication and entertainment at the site

 Accessibility

 Peace and order

Characteristics of Tourism

 Product is not brought to the consumer;

 The tourism product is not used up, it doesn’t exhaust the country’s natural resources;

 People-oriented;

 Labor-intensive;

 Multi-dimensional;

 Seasonal;

 Dynamic;

 Characterized by the changing ideas of its customers.

Nature of Tour Reception & Guiding 


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 First impression of tourists play a very important role

 Receiving tourists is just like receiving guests in your home

 Show the best without boasting or overdoing

 Guiding is not simply telling them “to your left, to your left”, there’s a lot more into it.

Duties and Responsibilities

 Provide them information and explanations about the place honestly without prejudice;

 Ensure a factual presentation, make sure to distinguish the truth stories, legends, traditions;

 Act fairly and reasonably in all dealings with colleagues and co-workers;

 Always act with tact and diplomacy in dealing with the guests

 Always report for duty healthy and positive

 Never take advantage of the ignorance of the tourists

 Never allow yourself to be used by unscrupulous organizations who want to take advantage of the tourists

 Use common sense and be honest by saying “ I don’t know,…I will check,..”

 Ensure guest’s safety, warn them on:

 Plants that might cause some allergies

 Food and drinks that might not suit their digestive system

 Elevation for those with vertigo and fear of height

 Dogs that might bite

 Presence of pickpockets in crowded areas

 Protect the reputation of tourism by making every assignment a treat, with respect to the environment, wildlife, sights & monuments, local customs & traditions

 Act responsibly as representative of the country and the people

Communication Skills

 Language proficiency

 Avoid using highfalutin words, use simple, easy to understand words

 Try to get rid of regional accent

 Use synonyms to explain, to describe something

 Use non-verbal communication in a difficult thing or situation

 Speak audibly, not too soft and not too loud

 Conduct your commentary in a relaxed, entertaining manner (they came here to enjoy, remember)

Guiding Techniques

 Be prepared, study the destination

 Plan your spiel or commentary, it should be structured

 Have an update on the local and global news and environmental issues

 Intercede when necessary in the interaction with the guest and the locals

 Be aware on the basic human behavior and attitudes

 Do not research to back up your facts

 Be ready for pertinent and impertinent questions

 In cases of having more than one guide, find some time to sit down, discuss to synchronize information & learn from each other

 Never tell your personal life at first meeting

 Never sell anything at first meeting unless they ask

 Be punctual at all times. Be there at least one hour before the tour starts

 Learn map reading

 Learn how to say NO to indecent proposals

 Always make a head count before, during and after the tour, especially on stops

 Be practical when making judgment, think if the benefit of the majority

 Be a good decision maker

 Learn basic first aid

Qualities of an effective Tour Guide

 Love of country

 People-loving

 Open-mindedness

 Tactfulness

 Punctuality

 Proper decorum

 Honesty

 resourcefulness

 Self- confidence

 Sense of humor

 Enthusiasm

 Fairness in treatment

 Good health

 Good communicator

 Patience

 Reasonable

 Assertiveness

 Humble and polite

Steps on how to make a commentary

 Begin with a smile, greeting and introduction

 Brief the guests about the tour for the day

 Review the inclusions and exclusions of the tour

 Give the distance and traveling time of the destination

 What to expect from the tour

 Give necessary precautions

 Do not miss to point important landmarks along the way

 Announce comfort stops

 Always do the head count

Tips for an effective tour commentary

 Start with a greeting or introduction

 Information should be delivered in a manner that would interest the guests

 Sense of humor should be part of the delivery of information

 Remember, commentaries help people understand and appreciate what they actually see

 Face the group, not a few

 Speak slowly and clearly

 Voice should be audible

 Practice eye contact

 Prepare yourself for questions to be asked

 Take control of your breathing and emphasize important words

 Use synonyms, example in explaining something

 When mentioning a name, repeat it or spell it

 Maintain silence, if the need arises

 Listen carefully to questions and other concerns

 Never argue with the guests

 End your tour always by thanking the guests


 Discuss the Tour guide Personality

 Kinds of tour guides

 Types of tour guides

 Scope and responsibilities

 Rewards of the profession

 Research Skills

 Domestic tourism

 Natural and man-made attractions

 Historical sites

 Events, fiestas

 National, local and regional boundaries

 Geography and topography

 Communication Skills

 Reading

 Thinking and writing

 Delivery of commentary

 Verbal and non- verbal

 Mock tour

 Inside the classroom

 Individual commentary-making

 Delivery of commentary

 Actual tour to a destination

 Observation from a licensed, professional tour guide how to conduct a tour

 Critiquing based on tour guiding principles and techniques

 Tour to a destination with a prepared, memorized spiel or commentary on a chosen tourist attraction ( on the bus)

 Invite resource speaker, tour guide for additional hands-on lecture/presentation

 Mock and actual tour is required to complete the competencies of a tour g

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