Tour Guiding Presentation Techniques

Content and Methodology


 People who leave their homes to temporarily visit a place

 They should be spending and not earning money from the place they visit

 Reasons can be pleasure, meetings or seminars

 With the intention of learning something about the place like its history, people, culture

Basic factors for a successful tourist destination

 Attractions which can be site itself or an event

 Amenities or facilities like accommodation, food, local, transportation, communication and entertainment at the site

 Accessibility

 Peace and order

Characteristics of Tourism

 Product is not brought to the consumer;

 The tourism product is not used up, it doesn’t exhaust the country’s natural resources;

 People-oriented;

 Labor-intensive;

 Multi-dimensional;

 Seasonal;

 Dynamic;

 Characterized by the changing ideas of its customers.

Nature of Tour Reception & Guiding 

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