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The Global Travel Business Education Centre [GTBEC] have designed < https://lnkd.in/dxSaiVdR >.a new training program specifically for individuals < https://lnkd.in/dmbMuKrb > who are serious about Travel Professionals..


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Thence, Kindly Pay the Monthly Membership Fee To: Drs. Noersal Samad, MA (UI) amounting to IDR 75.000 or USD 5.00 for each member, via Bank Mandiri #157-00-0185201-2

Please also use my paypal.me/act100 whenever you make the required monthly payment for USD 5,00 per member accordingly.

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Payment Methods in GTBEC

You can use the various local bank transfer methods listed here.

Kindly Pay To: Drs. Noersal Samad, MA (UI)

(a) For 3 (three) months IDR 300,000 or in USD 27.00

(b) For 6 (six) months IDR 500,000 or in USD 35.00

(c)  For 1 (one) year IDR 800,000 or in USD 57,00

Bank Mandiri #157-00-0185201-2

Please also use my paypal.me/act100 whenever you make the required  payment per member accordingly.

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=> Digital Travel Agent Training

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About Us Digital Travel Agent Training

Digital Travel Agent Training

About Us:

Digital Travel Agent Training SDM Bisnis Wisata .

This tutoring module aims to build and improve the competence of superior, dignified tourism business human resources and qualified, cared for by Drs. Noersal Samad, MA (UI) one of the founding fathers of Sekolah Tinggi Pariwisata Trisakti, Jakarta, 1972

This guide is a collection of frequently asked questions, articles and video tutorials. You can use the search feature or directly browse the guide by category.Top of Form

2. Days and Hours of Our Service

Our support: Monday-Friday, 09.00-17.00 WIB

Saturday, 09.00-15.00 WIB Sunday/Holiday

3.   Service Channel

Request for service assistance through the following channels:

Email: competence@travelagentraining.net (recommended)

Tel: + 628118841937 . Prioritize the use of SMS so that we can process accordingly / as soon as possible.

4. Digital Product Ownership

Some of the digital products we use come from us and third parties

5.   Our Management

GTBEC E-Learning programs are able to become a solution for quality tourism competency education (Total Quality Hospitality & Tourism E-learning Management), without limits, for the world of work the Indonesian tourism industry is qualified, qualified and dignified and competent in the chosen field of each tutorial participant, because flexible (no age limit, free to choose study time, no need to stop working or change jobs, no need to change domicile, lower costs), global and improve the ability of each student.

6.  Cara Whitelist Email

To always get information from us via your email, be sure to whitelist the email from: Name: GTBEC Email:

Interests of tourism knowledge & Indonesian tourism business are also welcome to click and read the profile of the founder of  this Tourism Business Guide 

7. List of GTBEC Tutorial Products

To view our product list, follow these steps:

Login to your account On the PRODUCT OWNER menu.

8. Product Discount Coupons

Make sure you are logged into your account. Then please click menu

9.   Affiliate Data

Make sure you are logged into your account. Please click menu: Affiliate to access affiliate name data

10 Payment Schedule for Product Sales

We have a payment schedule for product sales to affiliate participants twice a month

11. What is affiliate?

Affiliate is someone who promotes digital products on us to potential customers / participants of the GTBEC Tutorial with a return in the form of a profit sharing percentage

12. How to register as an affiliate

To register as a GTBEC affiliate, you simply create a GBEC account here. After registering, you will automatically become a GTBEC affiliate

Not allowed to promote products with cashback offers (cost discount / price tutorial GTBEC)

You are NOT allowed to offer bonuses that are not in the form of cash. If it is known to use cashback offers in promoting products, we will revoke / cancel your affiliate.

13. How much commission will I get from promoting GTBEC products?

There are products in our marketplace, each commission percentage ranges from 10% to 50%, while GTBEC products remain at 30% .

14. Viewing Affiliate Commission Data

Make sure you are logged into your account. Then please click menu

15. Affiliate Commission Payout Schedule

Fixed schedule for payment of affiliate commission twice a month (once every 2 weeks) between the 10th – 12th of each month for the period 16 – 30/31 of the previous month and the 25th – 27th for the period 1 – 15 of the same month.

16. Minimum Affiliate Commission Payment Amount

We provide an affiliate commission income policy of at least Rp. 100,000, – to be paid. If your commission is still less than the minimum value, it will be postponed to the next month if it has reached the minimum limit.

17. Affiliate Commission Payment Method

We use payment methods via local bank transfer only for affiliate commissions, which we list here. Outside of these accounts, for interbank payment administration fees, we charge a fee discount of the amount determined by our bank

Note: We do not make affiliate payments via PayPal

18. Adding Affiliate Commission Payment Account

We will be able to pay affiliate commissions, if you have earned them, and after you have added your bank account.

19. Bank Transfer Payment Confirmation

After making a payment transfer, please send a payment confirmation on our Payment confirmation page.

How to update / update bank account data to receive commission payments. Affiliate account data form is in the member area. Please check this page.

Note: Check and make sure to enter your account data correctly. We are not responsible for your mistakes, which may result in the transfer of your commissions.


20. Payment Methods in GTBEC

You can use the various local bank transfer methods listed here.

Premium member (One Year) payment confirmation via HP / WA: 08118841937 (SMS first)

You can contact this Website Manager via:  Caregiver & Consultation Profile, click <  Person > or < This Link >

21. Money Back Guarantee (Refund)

All of our digital products DO NOT have a 100% money back guarantee (Refund)

22. Using Coupon Code

The coupon code that you have can be used when filling out the order form on the product order page.

23. Can I promote GTBEC products in other marketplaces?

Promoting products on marketplaces such as Tokopedia and Bukalapak is allowed on the condition that you promote using your own affiliate link

To view other business profiles, you are welcome to visit the following link:


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24. If you have any questions / want a consultation, please enter

NAME & EMAIL you  to get details  Business Guides Latest Travel includes:

[] Specialized English for Tourism Business,

[] Management / Management / Administration [] Travel Agents and Bureaus,

[] Meeting, Incentive Travel, Conference & Exhibition,  [] Event Organizer,

[] Hotel & Restaurant,

[] Cruise Ship,

[] Recreation & Sports,

[] Amadeus and  [] Airline Business Management.

[] All Components of Tourism Industry

In order to support the improvement of the professionalism of human resources in the tourism sector in Indonesia.

  • Increase productivity and competitiveness,
  • services to the community and visitors (visitors) / tourists (tourists),
  • protection for entrepreneurs and tourism workers as well as consumers.

So activities in the field of standardization need to be further improved, in accordance with the latest developments in digital technology.

To prepare quality tourism human resources (HR). In accordance with the demands of the needs of professionals in the field of Travel Bureau in the digital era. So there is a need for cooperation between:

  • government agencies,
  • business/industrial world
  • with educational and training institutions
  • both formal and informal education
  • as well as education managed by the industry itself.

Forms of Cooperation

The form of cooperation can be in the form of providing data on work qualifications required by government agencies and industry/business actors. So that educational and training institutions can provide graduates who meet the required qualifications. The results of this collaboration can produce standard requirements for qualifications.

The standard requirements for the qualification of tourism human resources are realized in the Work Competency Standards. Which is a reflection of the competencies expected of people or someone who will work in the field. In addition, these standards must have equivalence and equality with relevant standards. What applies to the industrial sector in other countries and even applies internationally. This will make it easier for Indonesian professional workers to work abroad.


The GTBEC’s philosophy is to “contribute to harmony and understanding throughout the global society through the creation of multicultural human exchange” based on ‘The GTBEC Way’.

Our business and operational strategies are formulated based on this philosophy. We consider the aligned management and utilization of our assets (capital, brands, IT systems, etc.) as critical to the realization of GTBEC objectives and view the safeguarding of personal information and compliance with applicable privacy laws as essential to the achievement of our philosophy and objectives. To this end, we have developed the following policies and procedures:

  • 1.We shall create a system and procedures for handling and managing personal information that conform to the standards. All team members. shall be required to comply with said system and procedures.
  • 2.We shall collect, use, furnish and otherwise handle personal information in accordance with the systems and procedures referenced above. This means that we shall collect personal information through lawful and proper means and shall limit the use, furnishing and handling of personal information to the scope of its intended purpose. Should the need arise to handle personal information in a manner that goes beyond the scope of its specified intended use, we shall do so only after obtaining authorization from our Privacy Officer, furnishing notice to the affected individual regarding the contemplated use of said information, and obtaining the consent of said individual. We shall not utilize personal information for non-intended purposes and shall establish mechanisms to safeguard against such non-intended use. We shall only use and furnish ‘Specific Personal Information’ for its intended purposes as defined under the Act on the Use of Numbers to Identify a Specific Individual in Administrative Procedures.
  • 3.We shall implement organizationally and technologically reasonable measures to prevent and remedy the risks associated with the unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification and breach of personal information handled by GTBEC
  • 4.We shall observe applicable laws, regulations, guidelines, social norms and public order relevant to the safeguarding of personal information and the appropriate disposition of Specific Personal Information.
  • 5.Our Customer Hotline has been designated to respond to questions and complaints regarding the manner in which we handle personal information as well as to respond to related requests (for disclosure of personal information, etc.). The contact information for our Customer Hotline shall be made available both within and outside the company. We shall respond promptly and in good faith to all requests received from individuals regarding their own personal information.
  • 6.We shall implement improvements to our personal information management systems and procedures on an ongoing basis by conducting periodic reviews and audits.
  • 7.The provisions set forth in this policy shall be governed by the laws of the Republic of Indonesia.

If you have any questions / want a consultation, please contact:

  • Drs. Noersal Samad, MA (UI)
  • Email: kandomarajo@gmail.com
  • HP / WA: 08118841937 (SMS first)
  • Our company: GTBEC (Global Travel Business & Education Center).
  • Address : Perum Tamansari Bukit Damai A7 / 7 Gunung Sindur, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia.

Thank you for reading this About Us page. Hopefully the information presented on this page can provide a brief and clear picture of Digital Travel Agent Training

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